Blinding Lights

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This is a PRE-RELEASE from our Mimic Dice - The Founding Kickstarter! A handful of copies of these dice are available immediately at a discounted price for our backers. However, they do NOT have their custom skinned boxes. Instead, they will come in a tongueless regular Mimic box.

Immerse yourself in the radiant glow of the "Blinding Lights" 7-piece sharp resin ensemble. Clear as crystal with settled purple ink, these dice capture the essence of a luminescent spectacle. The addition of gold foil imparts a touch of opulence, while the gold lettering ensures high visibility in every roll. Step into a world where each cast is a dazzling display, and let the ethereal charm of "Blinding Lights" illuminate your tabletop adventures. Revel in the brilliance, bask in the glow, and let your imagination dance amidst the dazzling hues of this extraordinary set. 🌟🎲💜✨🔮

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