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PREORDER: Marbled Blue and Pink Gemini Dice with White Lettering. Every set comes with a Mimic Box! Preoders will ship when the Mimic Dice Kickstarter fulfills starting in October 2023. Check the Kickstarter for updates!

Blowpop is a 7-piece acrylic ensemble that captures the whimsical charm of candy and lollipops with its playful swirl of pink and blue hues. Adorned with crisp white lettering, these dice take you on a roll through a world of sugary delights and confectionery wonders. Each toss is as sweet as a lollipop on a sunny day, infusing your tabletop adventures with a dash of sugary delight. Possess this extraordinary set and make your games as delightful as a trip to the candy store. 🎲🍭🌈

Custom Tuckbox

Meet The Mimic

Every set comes in a Mimic Tuckbox!

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