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PREORDER: Every set comes with a Mimic Box! Preoders will ship when the Mimic Dice Kickstarter fulfills starting in October 2023. Check the Kickstarter for updates!

Runelore Dice Set – a mesmerizing 7-piece acrylic ensemble featuring a harmonious tri-color blend of orange, gray, and blue, adorned with a glittering aurora effect that evokes the ancient mystique of runic symbols. With elegant gold lettering, these dice bring the wisdom of the ages to your tabletop adventures. Whether deciphering cryptic runes or forging epic destinies, Runelore elevates your gaming experience, making each roll a chapter in the saga of your journey. Possess this extraordinary set and embark on adventures steeped in the lore of runes and magic! 🎲🌌🔮


Custom Tuckbox

Meet The Mimic

Every set comes in a Mimic Tuckbox!

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