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PREORDER: Silver and Dark Purple Aurora Dice with White Lettering. Every set comes with a Mimic Box! Preoders will ship when the Mimic Dice Kickstarter fulfills starting in October 2023. Check the Kickstarter for updates!

Seduction – a bewitching 7-piece acrylic ensemble that captures the alluring dance of purple and gray hues with a gemini aurora swirl. Silver lettering adds a touch of elegance to these dice, while each roll beckons you into a realm of darkness, intrigue, and enchantment. As you embark on your adventures, Seduction elevates your gaming experience, casting an irresistible spell of mystery and allure over every roll. 🎲💜🌌

Custom Tuckbox

Meet The Mimic

Every set comes in a Mimic Tuckbox!

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