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PREORDER: Marbled Dark Purple + Green Gemini Dice with White Lettering. Every set comes with a Mimic Box! Preoders will ship when the Mimic Dice Kickstarter fulfills starting in October 2023. Check the Kickstarter for updates!


Swampwater is a 7-piece acrylic ensemble that delves into the mysterious depths of swamps with its captivating swirl of purple and green hues. Featuring crisp white lettering, these dice invite you to take a roll into the eerie and enchanting realm of marshy landscapes. Each toss becomes an exploration of the hidden secrets of the swamp, making your tabletop adventures as enigmatic as the murky waters themselves. Possess this extraordinary set and let your games take you to the heart of "Swampwater," where the unknown awaits. 🌿🎲🌑

Custom Tuckbox

Meet The Mimic

Every set comes in a Mimic Tuckbox!

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